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Solder Iron 30W Good Quality


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  1. Actual output power 30W
  2. Microcomputer Intelligent temperature controller, heating up fast, stable temperature.
  3. 7.5mm diameter three-wire power cord.
  4. Handle shell use advanced ABS material, comfortable feel.
  5. Lead-free external heat heating element, long-life soldering tip.
  6. Stainless steel casing, anti-static, protect the heating element, safe operation.
  7. Replace heating elements easily and fast.
  8. Small size, lightweight, easy to operate and carry. The light will shine of solder iron when energized

Soldering Iron – High Quality Soldering Iron. If you are a student or hobbyist and you are looking for a good general purpose Soldering Iron then this 30-watt Soldering Iron is perfect for you.

Even we have been using this Solder Gun from the start and it the best that you can get at this price range.

Solder Wire:- Solder wire is widely used in welding, soldering, maintenance, and circuit board building. Professionally designed for DIYers, repairers, and jewelry makers.

 desoldering wicks:- The desoldering wicks are suitable for labs, home and industry welding work, practical tools to remove solder and correct errors on small PCB boards, clean small components, suitable for re-soldering and desoldering, easy to use and not making damage to the board.



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