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Sun tracking solar water heater mechanical engineering final year project


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The project aims to design and implement a sun-tracking system for a solar water heater to optimize solar energy capture throughout the day. By incorporating a sun-tracking mechanism, the solar collector can dynamically adjust its position to maximize exposure to sunlight, resulting in improved energy efficiency and increased water heating capacity.

Key Components and System Design:

  1. Solar Collector Design:
    • Explore different types of solar collectors suitable for water heating applications, such as flat-plate collectors or evacuated tube collectors.
    • Optimize the collector design for maximum absorption of solar radiation.
  2. Sun-Tracking Mechanism:
    • Design a sun-tracking system using motors, sensors, and controllers to orient the solar collector toward the sun.
    • Consider both single-axis and dual-axis tracking systems based on the complexity and efficiency required.
  3. Water Circulation System:
    • Develop a water circulation system that efficiently transfers heat from the solar collector to the water storage tank.
    • Include pumps, pipes, and heat exchangers in the design to ensure proper heat transfer.
  4. Temperature Control and Safety Features:
    • Implement a temperature control system to regulate the water temperature within desired limits.
    • Integrate safety features such as pressure relief valves and temperature sensors to prevent overheating or system failures.

Performance Analysis and Optimization:

  1. Tracking System Efficiency:
    • Evaluate the efficiency of the sun-tracking mechanism by monitoring the collector’s orientation throughout the day.
    • Assess how well the system follows the sun’s path and adjust parameters for optimization.
  2. Heat Transfer Efficiency:
    • Measure and analyze the heat transfer efficiency from the solar collector to the water.
    • Optimize the system to achieve higher efficiency in converting solar energy into heat.

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