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Contactless door bell Using NPN Transistor BC547


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  1. Infrared Proximity Sensor Module:
    • An infrared proximity sensor module is used to detect the presence of a person. These modules typically emit infrared light and measure the reflected light to determine if an object (person) is nearby.
  2. NPN Transistor (BC547):
    • The NPN transistor is used as a switch. When the proximity sensor detects a person, it triggers the transistor to turn on.
  3. Resistor (R1):
    • A resistor is connected between the output of the proximity sensor module and the base of the NPN transistor. This resistor is used for biasing.
  4. Doorbell or Buzzer:
    • A doorbell or buzzer is connected to the collector of the NPN transistor. When the transistor is turned on, it allows current to flow to the doorbell, activating it.

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