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Driver Drowsiness Detection using AI & ML Electronics engineering final year project


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ESP32 camera detects eye open and close status. It sends eye status to ESP32 controller. If Eye open and Alcohol not detected and ignition key ON then engine (motor) will be ON. If eye close or alcohol detected then engine (motor) will not ON. Eye status, alcohol status information will upload to IOT server. Along with IOT notification, it will send SMS to mobile number.


Microcontroller          :           ESP32 controller

Crystal                        :           16 MHz

LCD                            :           16×4 LCD display

GSM module              :           SIM800C

Relay                           :           12V DC electromagnetic

Alcohol Sensor           :           MQ3

Camera                       :           ESP32 camera

Buzzer                         :           5V DC

Power Source              :           12v 1 amp DC adaptor


Arduino IDE

Proteus based circuit diagram

  • Helmet Detection project
  • AI and ML projects
  • Bikers safety system using visual inspection
  • Deep learning projects
  • CNN projects
  • RNN projects

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