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Piezo Buzzer 20mm


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A 20mm piezo buzzer is an electronic sound-producing device that utilizes the piezoelectric effect to generate audible tones. Here’s a general description of a 20mm piezo buzzer:

1. **Diameter:**
– The “20mm” in the description refers to the diameter of the piezo buzzer. This measurement indicates the size of the buzzer.

2. **Piezoelectric Technology:**
– The buzzer operates on the principle of piezoelectricity. When a voltage is applied to the piezoelectric material within the device, it deforms and produces sound waves.

3. **Sound Generation:**
– Piezo buzzers are known for producing sharp and distinct tones. The frequency of the sound is determined by the electrical signal applied to the buzzer.

4. **Compact Design:**
– With a 20mm diameter, the buzzer is relatively compact, making it suitable for various electronic applications where space is limited.

5. **Applications:**
– Piezo buzzers find applications in a wide range of electronic devices and projects. They are commonly used in alarms, timers, electronic toys, and various notification systems.

6. **Voltage Requirements:**
– The buzzer will have specific voltage requirements for optimal performance. Common voltage ranges for piezo buzzers are 3V to 12V, but this can vary based on the model.

7. **Polarity:**
– Piezo buzzers are polarized components, meaning they have a positive and negative terminal. It’s essential to connect them correctly to the power source to produce sound.

8. **Mounting:**
– The buzzer may have mounting holes or adhesive backing for easy installation on circuit boards or other surfaces.

9. **Tones and Frequencies:**
– Depending on the design, piezo buzzers may produce different tones and frequencies. Some are single-tone, while others are capable of producing multiple tones.

10. **Indication and Signaling:**
– Piezo buzzers are often used for indication and signaling purposes. They provide a simple and effective way to audibly alert users to specific events or conditions.


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