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Electricity Generation from Water Turbine Pelton Turbine Mechanical Engineering Final Year Project


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Project Overview: The project aims to design, analyze, and optimize a Pelton turbine system for electricity generation from water flow. Pelton turbines are impulse turbines specifically designed for high head applications, making them suitable for harnessing the energy of falling water. The primary objective is to convert the kinetic energy of water into mechanical energy and then further into electrical energy using a generator.

Key Components and System Design:

  1. Pelton Turbine Design:
    • Investigate the design principles and parameters of Pelton turbines, such as bucket shape, runner diameter, and nozzle size.
    • Utilize computational tools or software for the detailed design and analysis of the Pelton turbine, considering factors like efficiency, power output, and cavitation.
  2. Water Supply System:
    • Design a water supply system to ensure a consistent and controlled flow of water to the Pelton turbine.
    • Consider factors like head height, flow rate, and water quality in the design of the water supply system.
  3. Mechanical Power Transmission:
    • Develop a robust mechanical power transmission system to efficiently transfer the rotational energy from the Pelton turbine to the generator.
    • Explore the use of gears, shafts, and other mechanical components in the power transmission system.
  4. Generator and Electrical System:
    • Select an appropriate generator for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
    • Design the electrical system, including voltage regulation, control mechanisms, and safety features.

Performance Analysis and Optimization:

  1. Efficiency Analysis:
    • Perform a detailed efficiency analysis of the Pelton turbine system under different operating conditions.
    • Identify and address any potential areas for improvement.
  2. Optimization Strategies:
    • Investigate optimization techniques to enhance the overall performance of the system.
    • Explore possibilities for adjusting parameters to achieve better efficiency and power output.

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